Appointment of consultant

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Wade Emmerson as Consultant, a new role within the Company. Wade is a seasoned, accomplished, and internationally-experienced businessman, with strong commercial, entrepreneurial and people skills, honed through working in Europe, China, Africa and the USA.  

He brings substantial experience and a truly independent perspective, having served, variously, as Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman, Executive and Non-Executive Director on various UK, Guernsey and American Boards during his long, varied career.

Wade has led, managed, invested in, and sold a diverse portfolio of businesses, starting with his family group of companies that he built up, and sold in 1996. He has, effectively, done private equity for many years.

Wade is fluent in English, French, and German, and has a sound working knowledge of Spanish.

Sebastien Moerman, Chairman of Noble, said “I am delighted that Wade Emmerson has joined the Noble Group as Consultant. He has all the skills and experience needed to do the job. Wade shares the standards and values on which Noble's work and reputation are built, and we are all looking forward to working with him.”

Wade Emmerson, incoming Consultant, added “I am very pleased to have been appointed as Consultant to Noble. Noble is justly proud of its ethics and its integrity, and, being determinedly independent, owes no allegiance to any other institutions or organizations. Noble focuses on sustaining, nurturing and developing longstanding relationships with our clients, and on offering a bespoke and excellent service worldwide. I look forward to getting to know our staff, and our new and prospective clients, and to using my skills and experience to continue and to augment the excellent work that Sébastien and the Noble team have carried out over the last decade.