Our Services

We pride ourselves on our swift, discreet and personable service, backed up by sound judgement offered by experienced and knowledgeable professionals with care and courtesy.

We take the time to evaluate your needs and objectives by engaging with family advisers, other professional service providers such as accountants and lawyers as well as speaking to local experts to help us identify your particular set of needs and objectives.

Typically, we have been involved in asset protection across international borders, succession planning for future generations, tax efficiency (income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax) as well as the management of international assets.

We put in place the appropriate structures. We have experience in dealing with discretionary and other types of trusts, both new and existing, foundations, employee benefit structures, companies and partnerships across the complete spectrum of international jurisdictions.

We can help you with holding companies for group structures, international trading activities and management of international assets.

And within those structures, we can help you with the right office holders, including the appointment of trustees, protectors, directors (individual and/or corporate), corporate partners, company secretaries and nominee shareholders.

Once you have your structure and office holders in place, we can assist with the day-to-day management of your affairs. This includes providing a registered office and a full company secretarial function, the opening and management of bank accounts, daily book-keeping, as well as preparation of financial statements.